Richards Marine Products Ltd. was registered in 1985 for the design and supply of Marine Mooring Systems as previously supplied by W Richards & Sons Ltd. which was established in 1887. Today Richards Marine is one of the leading world suppliers and manufacturers of Marine Mooring Bollards and still remains a family business.

For the last 30 years Richards Marine has been continually redesigning and developing its product line to suite the requirements of the International Market. This has considerably increased the original range of products offered be W Richards & Sons in 1985 and provided the experience and knowledge base that gives Richards Marine the unparalleled expertise in all aspects of the design and production of bollards.

In 2008 Richards Marine Products and GBA Products Co Ltd formed a strategic partnership whereby GBA (a long time distributor) would undertake all sales and marketing for the company. This allows both companies to focus on their core competences allowing clients to reap the benefits of the resulting synergies.

With commitment to high quality products, and individualized service, customers can have complete confidence in tailored mooring solutions from an industry specialist.

The Tee Head Bollard – R Type

Capacities: 10T - 300T. Used for single rope moorings with a large range of vertical rope angles operating through 180 degrees in the horizontal plane and high vertical angles.

The Stag Horn Bollard (Sloping Lobe) – SH Type

Capacities: 5T - 300T. Used for two mooring ropes with a large range of vertical rope angles operating through 180° degrees in the horizontal plane.

The Pillar Bollard – J Type

Capacities: 5T - 300T. Used for single ropes operating through 360 degrees in the horizontal plane The JT type bollards have a large range of vertical rope angles. These bollards are only used on low angle ropes with a maximum of 20° degrees

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