Principals & Suppliers

- Ervin Amasteel
- Surya Steel
- Elastec
- WR Meadows
- Ank Seals
- Metaflux
- Tiger Steel
- Vicor
- THS Textiles
- Mitsubishi Electronics
- Huber + Suhner

Process Division

“attention to detail & care will bring back customers”

When GBA is encouraged to take on new products and services for our existing customers we see that as a testament to our performance and reputation.

Allowing us to grow organically in industries where we have a firm foot hold we have taken on new products where our partners have found problems in their supply chain.

We continue to grown this division with industry leading products offer our signature attention to details and service.

Product Range

- steel shot/grit
- grinding wheels/discs
- fire blankets/curtains
- insulation jackets
- welding electrodes
- lubrication sprays
- cleaning products
- seals & o-rings
- galvanized scaffolding
- activated carbon
- rubber products
- electrical products