Drilling Division

“the right quality product, service & delivery every time”

Diversifying from general trade has been a cornerstone policy of GBA. However we have been able to leverage our years of experience trading in the AGCC to better serve specific industries.

Oil production is at the heart of all industrial activities of the region and Drilling operations are its lifeblood.

Using our global network of suppliers we offer the complete package when addressing supply chain issues for our customers and we specialise in difficult products and geographies.

Logistics Support

More than 40 years trading in the region has allowed us to developed a deep understanding how logistics and distribution networks work in the UAE and beyond in the Gulf. If your supply chain needs tightening, give us a call.

We are looking for suppliers

GBA is always growing our supply base. If you are reputable OEM of Stockist of any Chemicals, Minerals and other products used in Drilling operations, process industries or other application and are looking for a reliable partner to establish a reliable distribution network in the Gulf; please get in touch

Product Range

- shale stabilisers
- dispersants
- deflocculents
- potassium chloride
- calcium chloride
- soda ash
- bentonite/barite
- caustic soda
- micro-silica
- hematite
- potassium hydroxide
- drilling polymers
- corrosion inhibitors
- viscosifiers
- citric acid
- drilling muds
- calcium bromide
- zinc bromide
- calcium hydroxide
- polyacyrlates
- anionic polymers
- emulsifiers
- loss circulators
- biocides
- oil clean up fluids
- drilling lubricants