Aviation Division

“caring for your product from terminal to tarmac”

The Aviation fuelling industry has exceedingly high demands, from quality control, to turnaround and safety. For the past decade GBA has been serving the UAE & Oman.

With a large and well rounded stock of equipment and spares our experienced team is ready to help with any fuel handling requirements from consultation to field support and training.

We represent the best OEMs in the industry and are always growing our portfolio of products and expertise.

Stock & Service

GBA is one of the largest stock holders of spares, components and consumables in the region. Our team is also experienced with the setup and calibration of metering equipment. With our global network of partners we can support customers with a impressive range of fuel handling solutions.

Faudi Aviation

For 75 years Faudi has been the leading name in filtration for processes requiring API/EI approval. We keep a large stock of replacement elements on site in Dubai and regularly service local import terminals. Faudi is also acknowledged to have some of the best engineered Vessels for both civilian and military operations.

Ever on the cutting edge, Faudi has taken the lead in providing sensor and smart automation technology to bring filtration into the 21st century. If you want peace of mind about the quality of your fuel Faudi sets the industry standard.

Aljac Fuelling Components

Aljac is one of the first companies to develop the "supermarket" model for fueling components, QC equipment and consumables. As their UAE distributor we carry a large range of their catalog in stock. Our agency under Aljac also covers the Delta, Hammonds, Avery-Hardoll, Liquid Controls and EATONS's Carter range of products.

Aljac is also able to customise sampling systems, flush tanks, fuelling trolleys and much more. 

For a full range of products available and services offered please get in touch with our aviation sales team.



We are extremely pleased to announce that after a short hiatus the Avery-Hardoll range of products are back in production and the industries most reliable and accurate positive displacement flow meter are one again available with us with full support. 

The brand has been taken up by Liquid Controls based out of Illinois USA (part of the IDEX group). We look forward to working again with this iconic brand and with a manufacturer with an impressive depth of experience and capacity for production and product development. 

EATON's Carter Ground Fuel Handling Equipment

EATON is one of the worlds leading Aerospace groups, and the Carter range of ground handling equipment is probably the widest used and most trusted in the industry.

For a complete list of equipment and spares held in stock please contact our aviation sales team.

We can also arrange for product training classes and hands on training.


The US & UAE armed forces trust Hammond as the most reliable additive injection system for a range of applications from producing JP-5, JP-8 and dyeing.

Individual units as well as customised skids are available from trolley mounted units to terminal distribution. The system is durable and simple to operate which makes it a favorite for those operating in difficult conditions. 

Delta RCS

For a user-friendly and flexible wireless and remote control systems Delta can offer effective solution for even the most difficultconditions & environments.

We have carried successful field trials of Wireless Deadman controllers with operators in the region and the product has proven to be popular with users as it gives them more freedom of movementduring operations and allow them to control the system from a safe set distance if required. Emergency stop, pump starters and other controls can be incorporated into the unit which is approved for use in hazardous areas.


For 50 years now Alfons-Haar has been a preeminent name in fuel tanker equipment and systems. They have a large range of high quality products for some of the most complex applications on a vehicle.

We are also able to prove Defence grade helicopter refuelling systems for sea faring vessels.